Play Free Mahjong Chain Online

Mahjong Chain is a Free Online Game

Mahjong Chain is a native Chinese game of chips using dice for four players (each playing for himself). It is widely distributed in China, Japan, and other countries of East and Southeast Asia. The game is played with dice resembling dominoes; according to the rules, it is similar to poker, requiring such qualities as experience, observation, and, to a certain extent, luck.

In this game, players need to find all the same symbols on the playing field. The blocking rule does not apply in this game.

The Mahjong Chain game can captivate fans of logic games for a long time. In this version of the game, gamers will learn the game’s essential rules and understand the meaning of the task. And according to the purpose of the task, this game does not differ from similar ones; here, as in other games, it is necessary to look for chips with the same signs and hieroglyphs.

Mahjong Chain Game

The dice from the classic mahjong solitaire are placed on the board in random order next to each other. The player can remove from the playing field only those pairs of chips that are smoothly connected by a line drawn both inside and around the playing field. The top chips fall out if the player has removed a pair inside the board. The hint function of the Mahjong connecting Chain will highlight pairs of available elements. Keep an eye on the timer – as soon as the time runs out, and the game ends.

To win mahjong, the player needs to find two identical chips, after which they will disappear. Thus, the player will sort out the whole pyramid and become the winner.

For each solved pair, the player receives 10 points; for a couple solved with the help of hints, the player will not receive a single point.

Players can play this game online for free and without registration and play on a mobile phone or tablet.

The game develops logic and imagination, allow you to relax and have a great time.