Play Free Mahjong Connect Online

Free Online Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect games invite players to try their hand at a very unusual version of the game. The game has more complex rules and an interesting passage. Each level has a logical puzzle and a new strategy. The classic version of Mahjong Connect consists of 12 levels.

All levels are available online for free and without registration. After reaching the final, the player will need to disassemble the solitaire in the tower of the Great Wall of China. Some of the fans of this game call it “Chinese solitaire.”

Game Descriptions

A distinctive feature of Mahjong Connect is the removal of only those tiles that are close to each other or in extreme positions in columns or rows. Choosing the same dice can be pretty tricky for players, which makes the game even more exciting. In case of difficulties, the player can use the hints, paying for it with his points, without wasting time allotted for the game.

This type of mahjong has a standard set of rules, which makes it easier to learn. Playing Mahjong Connect is very simple. The player is only required to match the same tile images correctly. Thus, the player’s main task will be to clear the playing field of all cubes completely. 

  Don’t forget about the time and the fact that there are 12 levels in the game. The first reminder is when a player does not remove any pairs from the table for a long time. When the player thinks about the next step, the timer carefully calculates the total balance. The white stripe at the bottom (timer) disappears quickly; keep an eye on her.

Mahjong Connect is a logical game with elementary rules, from which it is difficult to break away. This requires a quick reaction, perseverance, and patience. A set of chaotic invigorating sounds accompanies the game. If desired, a player can disable them by clicking on the button in the drum located in the upper right corner.

The Mahjong Connect game can be decomposed in full-screen mode and in good quality.

Take a break and play online games that develop logic and imagination, will allow everyone to relax pleasantly.