Play Free Mahjong Gardens Online

Mahjong Gardens play for free online

This is a logic game that even novice players will be able to handle perfectly. A pyramid of Chinese domino tiles is laid out against the background of a colorful garden. The pyramid consists of five levels of tiles.

By removing two identical tiles, the player releases two birds into the wild. The goal of the game is to free all the birds.

There is no time limit in the game – the player can spend time thinking about each step. The player can also play Mahjong Gardens on any computer, and he does not need to download it; it is an online game.

How to Play Mahjong Gardens

The developers suggest choosing the layout yourself by clicking on the “New Game” button. There are only five layouts, each with its complexity. The time is recorded, but each of your successful moves can bring a small bonus. You can use hints, but it will take a few points. If there are still chips on the playing field, but their location does not allow you to make a single move, then click on the “Shuffle” button. This will enable you to continue the game. Try to have time to remove all the chips before the allotted time expires. Try all the available layouts and become the champion in terms of points and time.

The main trump card of the Mahjong Gardens game is in an excellent visualization. With the removal of dominoes, birds, and butterflies flutter, the overall color scheme adjusts to relaxation. 

In this version of Mahjong Gardens, there are six different layout templates with a 3D graphics display. 

To create an atmosphere reminiscent of a garden, the game is accompanied by birds singing. There is no way to turn off the sound or change its volume in this game.

Mahjong Gardens is a calm relaxing puzzle game that provides relaxation after a hard day. The rich green colors used in the design of the game allow you to relieve eye strain.

The game “Mahjong Gardens” can be played for free online and without registration.