Play Free Mahjong Quest Online

Mahjong Quest is a Free Online Game

In this version of the ancient Chinese domino, the player can choose four campaigns, each of which symbolizes different sides of the world. Some of them allow players to play Mahjong Quest for free on the entire screen and without time, while in others, the dice will have to be removed quickly and with an eye on the timer.

At each stage, the player is offered a new layout, in which the chips are arranged in many levels. Geometric shapes are always different, from a standard pyramid to the most unusual combinations.

The essence of the puzzle is not just to remove all pairs of chips with the same pictures, and here you need to connect two golden tiles to complete the levels and not clear the field of elements.

Mahjong Quest game

Mahjong Quest game features bright colors and realistic graphics, which brings players closer to mahjong, which the Chinese have been playing for thousands of years. There are green bamboo, colorful Chinese lanterns with fire inside, and much more.

The meaning of the game is to clear the playing field of a lot of chips with traditional ornaments in the form of hieroglyphs, bamboo sticks, etc. You can connect these free tiles only on at least one side (left or right). There are no similar cubes above them, and the invisible connecting line between the two chips has no more than two kinks. 

All actions are performed with the mouse. If the player has much free time or nothing to do in the long evenings, this game is just a great pastime. It will be interesting for children and teenagers to play it because it develops attention and logical thinking. This is a thoughtful, logical game that not everyone can handle, even for a long time.

The tiles have a traditional pattern that is used for a classic puzzle. After removing the tile, the player will hear a characteristic sound, as when stone objects collide. 

Players can test their abilities and find out how far they can go in this fantastic puzzle game. Here you can play online for free, without installation and registration.

Play and enjoy thoughtful and original layouts, stunning pictures, perfectly drawn pictograms, and an exciting, balanced “gameplay.”