Play Free Mahjong Tiles Online

Mahjong Tiles game for free online

Mahjong is an ideal pastime for those who prefer intellectual entertainment aimed at increasing brain activity. If players like this kind of activity, you can safely start playing tile mahjong, not letting everyone get bored.

Mahjong Tiles game is a classic Chinese mahjong puzzle game. Having started playing it, players will have to go through many quite interesting and exciting levels. To begin with, players will need to choose the difficulty level of the game. After this move, a field will appear on which the dice will lie. The player needs to apply different images to each of them.  The task is to clear the area of all objects. To do this, the gamer needs to carefully study all the items and find two identical ones among them. Once the player finds them, he will need to select these objects with a mouse click. Thus, the gamer will remove them from the playing field and will be able to get points for it.

Description of the game

Mahjong Tiles is interesting tile mahjong with many levels where the player will disassemble the pyramids by blocks. To get started, you need to click “Play” and “Start.” Select the first level from the list. To complete the task and move on, players need to remove all the blocks from the field in 3 minutes and 13 seconds. To do this, you need to find tiles with the same pattern. Choose one of the active ones — white. Grey blocks are not available yet. If there are no more moves, players need to move the mahjong tiles by clicking on the swirling arrows on the left. When the player needs a hint, click on the light bulb in the lower right corner.

The game Mahjong Tiles is made using HTML5 technology, suitable for any browser on a personal computer. You can play online for free and without registration.  You can also play it on a tablet and smartphone. The game is controlled on any mobile device using your fingers.