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Titans mahjong game for free online

Mahjong “Titan— is a classic puzzle designed in the traditional Shanghai-style, where there is only one layout of bones — a pyramid that looks like a turtle from above. It is she who is universal and is found in almost all varieties of mahjong.

Mahjong Titan is one of the most popular games in the world. The goal of the game is to remove all the chips from the playing field. You can only remove a chip if accessible; you can remove it from the stack without moving the remaining fragments. Simple rules and a relaxed course of the game allow anyone to enjoy playing Mahjong Titans.

Description of the game Mahjong Titans

The essence of the game is to remove all dominoes from the playing field.

This version of the game uses Chinese domino dice embedded in a pyramid of five steps. In total, the game involves three sets of bones (hieroglyphs, coins, and bamboo), chips indicating the cardinal directions, birds, and geisha.

Unlike many versions of solitaire, there is no time limit – you can think about each step for a long time.

Because of the massiveness of solitaire, it is most convenient to disassemble it by unfolding it to the entire screen. In the collapsed mode, it will be difficult to see the denominations of domino stones.

The game’s difficulty lies in the fact that one wrong move can lead to a loss, and it will be impossible to make a move.                     

Particular sounds accompany each manipulation with dominoes. Thus, when pair of identical chips is removed, the player can hear a deleting sound. It is impossible to turn off the sounds or make them quieter – the developers did not provide such an opportunity.

Thanks to the soundtrack, you can find out whether the bone is open or not.  When the player clicks the left mouse button on the dice available for removal, he will hear a characteristic sound. When the player clicks on a closed tile, no sounds are played.